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Guangdong King Sun Electric Power Group Limited.


Guangdong King Sun Electric Power Group Limited (hereafter referred to as “King Sun Power” or the “Company”) was incorporated in March 1987 in the People’s Republic of China “the “PRC”). It is a company principally engaged in power plant investment and management including the operation of large-scale thermal power plants, wind power plants and solar power plants. In addition, the Company is also engaged in terminal operation, coal and gas storage, shipping and trust business, etc.


After over 20 years’ operation, King Sun Power is one of the leading electric power companies in China and one of the top 4 leading electric power companies in Guangdong Province, China.


The present power plants under operation have a total power generating capacity of 1000MW in aggregate, represented by 2x200MW at Nanhai Power Plant I and 2x330MW at Nanhai Power Plant II. The plants together have one of the largest scale coal-water slurry fuel-fired power generating unit clusters in the world, the operation of which are conductive to environment protection and have been awarded by local government to be high and clean technology enterprises and projects.


The Company, however, is authorized to further expand its power generating capacity, through new projects now underway construction, as follows:


Zhanjiang King Sun Power Plant:                       2x600MW

Jieyang King Sun Power Plant:                          2x600MW

Qingyuan King Sun Power Plant I:                     2x1000MW

Qingyuan King Sun Power Plant II:                     2x600MW

Heshan King Sun Power Plant:                            2x390 LNG MW

Taishan King Sun Wind Power Plant:                  2x50MW


The locations of the under-built power plants are all in Guangdong Province of China, which is the economic growth momentum of China for over many years since 1980s. King Sun Power’s is situated in Foshan City of Guangdong Province and has been the largest electric power company in Foshan City. In the wake of the completion of the new plants now under construction, the Company provides electricity not only to Foshan City, but also expands its grid to the whole Guangdong Province or even further, the whole Pearl River Delta, the mostly developed economic zone in China.


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